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Interactive Board

Interactive Whiteboard

Item Code: WB-IT
Unique features
Finger touch
Accurate positioning
Scratch pro of
Fire proof
Rugged ceramic steel surface
Zero maintenance

SMART Interactive Whiteboards

Working :
The Interactive whiteboard, when connected to projector and computer, sends an image of any application to the projector. The projector in turn reflects that image on the whiteboard.

The board acts both as a monitor and an input device and lets the user control the application simply by touching the board. While operating the whiteboard, the finger is used as mouse, different types of pen tools are used for writing and the eraser tool is used to erase. One can type anything on the board using on-screen key board. SMART Notebook is its main software that helps to create, edit, deliver and work on the board like a computer. The most commonly used model is SMART Board SB-480.

SMART Interactive Whiteboard Board SB-480
Steel backboard makes it high on durability. A high pressure lamination (HPL) or foam is inserted between the steel and the interactive surface. The interactive surface is made of specialized white paint without any hot spots to enable uniform dispersion of projector light. Once the connection is established, the cameras in the board are lit and the retro reflectors become functional.

Features :
Measures 77” diagonal
Aspect ratio 4:3
Works on DVIT technology
Touch sensitive
Comes with SMART Notebook software
Dry-erase compatible
Compatible with Windows and Linux
Obtains power from computer
It is connected through USB cable to the projector, and the latter is connected to the computer through VGA cable
Specially designed optical devices in the Interactive Board enable high touch accuracy
The board responds to touch when it is touched with pen or any object over the active screen area. It detects the dark spots and responds to touch.

Interactive Digital White Boards

Description & Specification:Interactive White Boards – Digital Board is an incredible whiteboard based on electromagnetic technology for educators, presenters and trainers to make presentations and learning informative, synergistic and exciting. Digital whiteboards comes with Interactive learning software having loads of presentation tools and built in gallery of educational images.