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Note Sorting Machines


Note Sorting Machine
Value Counting
Authentication & Full Fitness Sorter
Patch & Add Function
Software Up gradation to detect counterfeits
Accurate counterfeit detection (CIS, MG, UV, IR)
New paradigm of detecting counterfeits
Counterfeit Detection CIS, IR, MG, UV
Operation Speed Fitness Sorting / Value Counting 1,000 notes/min – 1,500 notes/min
Operation Speed Count Only/ Serial(option) 1,500 notes/min – 800 notes/min
Hopper Capacity 500/200 notes
Stacker Capacity 300/200 notes
Reject Pocket Capacity 100/ 70 notes
Dimensions 300X321X310mm
Power Supply Voltage / Frequency 100 ~ 240V AC / 50-60Hz
Globalization Multi language Support
User Interface TFT color LCD(4.3 inch), Audio
Communication Channel LAN, USB, RS232C (External display, Thermal printer)
Weight Net : 13.9 Kg, Gross : 15.7 Kg

LADA SM 100 Mini

Note Sorter
Value Counting
UV, MG/MT, IR & CIS Sensor
Authentication & Fitness Sorter
Mixed, Single, Version & Count Mode
Facing, Orientation
Batch & Add Function
Software Up gradation to detect counterfeits
Remote Display
Counting Speed 90, 1200, 1500 Notes Per Minute
Counting Currency Size 50 x 109 mm to 90 x 184 mm
Hopper Capacity 500 Notes
Stacker Capacity 200 Notes
Power Source 100 – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 140 Watt
Weight 8 Kg
Dimensions 232 x 279 x 272 mm