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Secure Document Shredding

• Security
When you use the document destruction services of Altask Shredding Services, you can trust that your confidential documents are completely destroyed in your premises and it become unreadable and unreconstructable.
• Convenience
At Altask shredding Services bring our machines to your site and it is easy to use. There is no need for you to sort according to paper grades, nor remove paper clips, staples or binder clips. We make confidential document destruction easy at your site.
• Affordability
Instead of paying your busy employees to sit at a desk side shredder, the person at Altask Shredding Services can do it more cost-effectively, with less clutter and fewer hassles. Secure document destruction is our business – let us do the confidential document shredding for you so that you can get on with your business.
• Peace of Mind
After you place your confidential material, you can rest easy knowing it will be handled with the utmost security and efficiency. We provide Certificates of Destruction at no additional charge.
• Accessibility
Altask Shredding Services provides secure document destruction to the major companies in Tamilnadu. We are within reach of most of the cities in Tamilnadu.


40% of businesses throw away information on their customers, including their home address, phone number and photocopies of passports. With the ever-present threat of ID fraud and the growing risk of corporate theft, many organizations are now looking for a more visible and immediate secure destruction solution.
• Protect your customers and staff from identity theft and fraud
• Protect your business from Corporate espionage
• Protect your business from litigation
• Environmental obligations and responsibilities
• Increase profitability and efficiency within your business
ASK Shredder committed to providing professional, reliable, and cost-efficient confidential paper shredding service in Chennai. Many of our customers choose to have their confidential information shredded on their own site by our heavy duty paper shredders on rent. ASK Confidential Shredding Service brings immediate peace-of-mind because you witness data destruction on your premises at affordable prices.
• Guaranteed destruction before material leaves your site
• Certificate of Destruction issued to confirm destruction
• We employ reliable and professional staff
We do free shredding if you have paper more than 3000Kg and take the shredded papers with us.Destroy your old useless confidential records with our heavy duty shredder and feel safe. Shredding paper is not only a safe and secure way of private and confidential information is ending up in the wrong hands; it’s also a great way to contribute to helping the environment as all shredded material is recycled.